Find out what makes Culvert Pipe much more efficient than the competition! Here is what some of our customers have to say about the pipe we have to offer!

Burlington Northern Santa Fe - "We have learned through experience that with the proper preparation most all culverts can be relined using this type of culvert and it saves us the headaches that we faced when we used the open cut method."

Cuyahoga County Engineers - "looking at the future cost benefit, we can estimate our savings as over the next 50 years by an economic analysis. If we estimate the need for another rehabilitation in 25 years, we can find the present worth of those monies spent. Then, we obtain the Total Cost of Benefit of: $174,000.00"

Pacific Northwest Nation Laboratory - "A new, one-of-a-kind culvert testing device at the Skookmuchuck hatery will help researchers replace culverts that block salmon runs."

Ohio Department of Transportation - "Instead of tearing up the road, detouring traffic, replacing the culvert pipe, then repairing the road, this method allows the crew to get right to the point of their job - maintaining good drainage. They don't need to break through the road; they don't need to route traffic."

Kennedy Space Center - "Environmentally we are better off any time we do not have to do major excavations. In our environment with brackish water and heavy traffic loads, the 100 year design life is a big plus. Overall, I would have to say we were pleased with the lining procedure and as required, hope to do many more in the future." All information documented on this website was from published sources, letters written to Culvert Renew, or documented by Culvert Renew. All information here has not been altered in any way from it's original source, just republished.



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