A letter from Cuyahoga County Engineer


To: Bob Hunn

From:  Jeffery D. Horvath, P.E.


      Our original plans called for paving the invert and caulking the stains with misc. paned gutter work and RCP.  That's how I made the comparison (listed below).  If we were to look at digging this up to replace, the cost vs. savings would be astronomical.



Looks at the cost summary for each option above, the COST SAVINGS is:  $28,083.00

But, if we examine these options further, we see that if we line the pipe with the CULVERT RENEW pipe, we can expect to have a usefil life of 75+ years.  Whereas, when the existing pipe is simply paved over the invert and the seams sealed, we can estimate a life of +/- 25 years.  This is also a cost benefit for the pipe lining option in that we rehabilitate the pipe to a near new condition. 

Therefore, looking at the future cost benefit, we can estimate our savings as over the next 50 years by an economic analysis.  If we estimate the need for another rehabilitation in 25 years, we can find the present worth of those monies spent.  Then, we obtain the Total Cost of Benefit of: $174,000.00

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