December, 2001
       Instead of tearing up the road, detouring traffic, replacing the culvert pipe, then repairing the road, this method allows the crew to get right to the point of their job - maintaining good drainage.
October, 1994
      In the fall of 1994, Sorey and 8000 Departments engineer Andy Minor decided to try a cost saving alternative to culvert replacement that would not disrupt base traffic flow nor disturb the environment.  More

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The Pipe is a helical-spiral manufactured with a smooth internal and external surface inside diameter sized, hollow-wall closed profile, HDPE pipe. Standard profile pipe shall exhibit a pipe stiffness of 46 psi when tested in accordance with ASTM D-2412, and in accordance with municipal and highway specifications including ASHTO design specification, section 18, paragraphs 18, 4.0, 18, 4.1, etc. Low profile pipe stiffness shall be in accordance with Dimensions Chart. The pipe joint is physically interlocked in a manner to develop the tensile strength of the pipe; and to manage thermally induced seasonal contraction. It is capable of being pushed (or jacked) into the host pipeline, and being pulled into the host pipeline without joint separation. The connection is the "Thread-Loc®" connection which threads the helical spiral together forming an integral joint. The OD and ID joint surfaces shall be substantially flush with the pipe OD and ID. The pipe and joint product are: "Culvert Renew"®. 

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